Responsive Web Design with Media Queries

April 16, 2011

It used to be easy to predict how users would view your website.  In the age of 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution monitors, you could design a site and be fairly confident that it would frame nicely in most people's browser windows.

Today most monitors have much larger resolutions, and there are so many internet-capable portable devices like iPads and smart phones, one fixed-width design doesn't seem to cut it anymore.  No matter which display you design for, only a fraction of your users will view your site in all the perfection you intended.  If your design is too small, there will be lots of wasted space on a large monitor.  If your design is too large, important content will get cut off become too cramped on smaller screens.

Last November I attended the Future of Web Design conference in New York City.  Ethan Marcotte gave a talk entitled "Responsive Web Design" which dealt with just this problem.  He talked about designing for the web in such a way that your layout will dynamically adapt to any size window.  This way your site will always be optimized whether on a large high-resolution monitor or a small mobile screen.  To begin creating a fully-responsive design, a website needs to be liquid rather than fixed, meaning that elements of the site are sized using percentages, rather than static pixels.  The design will then grow and shrink proportionally as needed.  But at certain sizes, purely proportional designs begin to break down.  Less important elements become too large, or areas of text become too narrow to read.  It's at these "stress points" that Ethan showed how to use a CSS technique call Media Queries to change the layout to fit the new viewing area.

The idea goes like this: with CSS media queries, styles are swapped in and out based on the capabilities of a device including resolution, width and height (of the screen and browser window), and orientation.

Here is an example of a media query:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen and (min-width: 1000px)" href="large-styles.css" />

In this code, if the browser window is wider than 1000px, the new stylesheet for large layouts will be applied.

To see what this actually can look like, take a look at Ethan's test site: and try resizing your window.  Pretty cool, huh?

I recently had a chance to utilize media queries in a site I was helping with.  My friend Jeffrey Chandler just refreshed his photography website,, and switched to a full-width design.  One of the problems that comes with a full-width site is that in a large window, paragraphs of text start to become too wide to read naturally.

So I added in a Media Query to adjust the paragraphs to line up in two columns once the width exceeded a certain limit.  In this case, I used the media query right inside the existing stylesheet to adjust particular styles.

Here's the code:

@media screen and (min-width: 1000px) { 
     .content .paragraph {
          width: 45%;
          float: left;
          margin-right: 5%;

Once the screen width is larger than 1000 pixels, the new styles for paragraphs become active, making them float into columns that take up half the width. (Notice that the width is in percentages, not pixels).

Another great use for media queries is to create a quick mobile-friendly version of your site.  I also added this code for when the screen is less than 920 pixels wide:

@media screen and (max-width: 920px) {
     #nav {
          clear: left;

Notice how the navigation slides down below the title to create a layout that works great on a mobile browser.

This idea of Responsive Web Design definitely takes more planning - you need to consider how your design will hold up on a wide spectrum of sizes and orientations, and potentially design multiple versions of your site.  But if you're at all concerned with the experience that your users have when they visit your site, it's time well spent.  And this method won't work for all designs.  Sometimes it's still best to design a killer fixed template that you know will always look great in its static form.  Then, if necessary, create a separate mobile version that is optimized for portable devices.  But it never hurts to consider all the different ways users will interact with your website.  After all, the most important job of a Web Designer is to craft a pleasing experience for your users.

To learn more about Media Queries, visit the W3C Website.


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Can you point to a single instance of this ever happening?
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He's a great game-day playcaller. I had Mike Holmgren, I had Mike Shanahan and Marc Trestman, and I would put Marc right in there. He's learned and grown, and I stay in touch with him. I don't know exactly why (he hadn't gotten a head-coaching job). [url=][b]discount nfl jerseys[/b][/url] cheap nfl sewn jerseys nfl football jerseys wholesale Related: Video of Riley Reiff's draft partyMayhew conceded that [url=][b]replica nfl jerseys[/b][/url] There s no question Thomas has contributed to his own demise on this team. He s a quirky, moody guy. He s lost some explosiveness and a whole lot of self-confidence. But the Bobcats owe him roughly $18 million guaranteed over the next two seasons. So unless the decision has already been made to amnesty him this summer, why not at least explore if he can still be of some use? The three time Pro Ball free safety s successful career ended on a very low note when the night before he was set to take the field for the Atlanta Falcons against the Denver Broncos in the 1998 Super Bowl, he snuck out of the hotel room he was sharing with his wife and attempted to pick up a prostitute. Unfortunately for Robinson, the hooker was actually an undercover female cop pretending to charge $40 for oral sex. [url=][b]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Summary: This was a unique case in which the Patriots tagged Cassel with the intention of trading him, and thus, they assigned the tag to him on the first possible day. That set up a scenario in which the faster Cassel signed the tag, the faster the team could consummate a trade (a player can't be traded without a signed contract). Yet there was risk in doing so because it wasn't certain there would be a trade suitor and the Patriots could have been on the hook for a guaranteed $14.65 million to Cassel. The Patriots, who were projecting Tom Brady would return from a torn ACL and be ready for the start of the 2009 season, ultimately traded Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 28. At the time of the tag, coach Bill Belichick said, "Matt has been a pleasure to coach his entire career and last season in particular, when his years of hard work and commitment resulted in a most impressive performance. We look forward to working with Matt again in 2009." Lions' run offense vs. Falcons' run defenseThe Lions have been hampered by a lack of big-play ability in the ground game all year, but they probably didn't run the ball enough in retrospect last week against the Cardinals.Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell are a serviceable one-two punch at running back. Leshoure ran with more decisiveness last week and generally gets the bulk of the carries, but Bell actually played more against the Cardinals (33 snaps to Leshoure's 31). He does a good job getting yards after contact and is more effective as a receiver.The Falcons have proved vulnerable at times against the run this year, though some of their breakdowns have come against mobile quarterbacks such as Cam Newton. They allow 4.9 yards a carry, 30th in the league, and have given up more rushes over 40 yards (seven) than anyone in the NFL.Edge: FalconsLions' pass offense vs. Falcons' pass defenseIt's no secret what the Lions want to do on offense -- get the ball to Calvin Johnson, and for good reason. Johnson is the best receiver on the planet. He has seven straight 100-yard games, has been targeted 50 times the past three weeks and is 182 yards from breaking Jerry Rice's single-season receiving record, a number not out of the realm of possibility today.Johnson's supporting cast has been decimated by injuries, but the Lions need someone to make plays on the outside of the field. With Brandon Pettigrew likely out with an ankle injury, Tony Scheffler will once again play a big role at tight end.The Falcons aren't as big or physical in the secondary as the Cardinals, but they make plays. They have 14 interceptions, two veteran cornerbacks in Dunta Robinson and Asante Samuel and a pair of playmaking safeties in Thomas DeCoud and William Moore, who has missed two straight games with a hamstring injury.Edge: FalconsFalcons' run offense vs. Lions' run defenseMichael Turner is averaging a career-low 3.7 yards a carry and looks as if he has hit a point of diminishing returns after two straight 1,300-yard seasons. Jacquizz Rodgers has a little more wiggle out of the backfield, plus 44 catches, but the Lions generally do a good job defending the run on the perimeter of the field.The Lions are without two of their top three defensive tackles after Corey Williams and Nick Fairley landed on injured reserve, but linebacker Stephen Tulloch has 100 tackles for the fourth straight year.Atlanta ranks just 28th in the league in rushing at 89.9 y.p.g., while the Lions are a middle-of-the-pack run defense (119.4 y.p.g.).Edge: LionsFalcons' pass offense vs. Lions' pass defenseWith Matt Ryan at quarterback, Julio Jones and Roddy White at receiver and Tony Gonzalez at tight end, the Falcons might have the deadliest, most balanced passing attack the Lions have seen all year.Ryan is completing 68.5% of his passes, behind only the deposed Alex Smith among qualified quarterbacks, and Jones has emerged as one of the game's best receivers in his second year. He's explosive (15.5 yards per carry) and will challenge the Lions' shorthanded secondary.Louis Delmas said he'll start at safety for the second straight week, and the Lions are a different team when he's on the field. But rookie sixth-round pick Jonte Green starts at cornerback opposite Chris Houston with Jacob Lacey out, so the Lions need a big day from their pass rush.Edge: FalconsSpecial teamsThe Lions fell victim to another costly special-teams mistake last week, when Pat Lee ran into Stefan Logan causing him to muff a return. That has been the Lions' problem on special teams this year. They give up game-changing plays too often and fail to make big impacts of their own.Falcons punter Matt Bosher ranks sixth in the league with a 41.4-yard net average, Rodgers averages 26.9 yards a kick return, and the "weird-shaped" Matt Bryant has made all four of his kicks of 50-plus yards.Edge: FalconsOverallThere's still plenty of doubt whether the Falcons have the chops for a long playoff run, but there's no debating the fact that they're one of the NFL's best teams. At 12-2, they have the best record in the NFC and their passing game with Ryan, White and Jones is scary.There's a little bit of bad blood between these teams. Remember, the Falcons accused Cliff Avril and Ndamukong Suh of taunting an injured Ryan last year, and Suh said Ryan's injury was karma for Atlanta's dirty play on the offensive line.The Lions are reeling with an NFL-worst six straight losses, but they have a chance for some redemption on national TV tonight. Atlanta has scored 20 or more points in all but one game this year and is coming off a statement win, so chances are this is a high-scoring affair.Pick: Falcons 28, Lions 24
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We de-baited the nets and headed for home.Crabbing rates high on the fun factor for kids and inexperienced outdoors people because it provides constant action with sure catches, and there's a little element of danger. Get bit on the hand by a No. 1, and you'll use words you haven't heard since high school. Watch someone else get bit, and you'll laugh until you cry.Also, crabbing provides natural air-conditioning because the boat's always moving, which is no small consideration on flat-calm summer days.Since current is so important in crabbing, we tend to focus on choke points like canals and bayous. One of our no-fail annual hotspots is Bayou Bienvenue near the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, where currents are swift.Sunday's trip to Little Lake was the exception to that rule, but there's a channel that cuts through the middle of the lake that moves some water. We crabbed on the edge of that in 7 feet of water.We ended with 101 and an ice chest that would barely close. Needless to say, we're popular right now with our neighbors. 1. WR Victor Cruz, New York Giants: Cruz is a fantastic story and an even better football player. When Hakeem Nicks was slowed by an injury in 2012, Cruz showed that 2011 was not a fluke. He is by far the best restricted free agent in this year's class. How will the Giants tender their star receiver? They can't afford him to leave the Big Apple. [url=][b]nfl team jerseys[/b][/url] The state funded $80 million for an additional 700 residency Harbaugh already had made some news a couple of years [url=][b]nfl new jerseys[/b][/url] wholesale nfl football jerseys When Fitzgerald Toussaint finally emerged as Michigan's lead tailback in the middle of the season, running backs coach Fred Jackson sat him down. "I called him in here, sat him in that chair and said, 'Look, son, you are the starting running back at the University of Michigan right now,' " Jackson recalled in his office last week, with legendary U-M backs from the past 20 years pictured over his shoulder. " 'I don't want you to look over your shoulder. I'm making this commitment for you to go and get it right now. It's up to you whether you keep it or not. As of now, you are the guy.' " As the season ...
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Marc Trestman didn't provide any answers.LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Rod Marinelli isn't staying as defensive coordinator under new Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman, could franchise middle linebacker Brian Urlacher be on the way out as well?Should the Bears bring Brian Urlacher back in 2013 at any cost?59% Yes41% No (Totalvotes:7,766)On his first full day as the team's head coach, Trestman wouldn't say whether or not he wants Urlacher, who will be a free agent, to remain for a 14th season. But of course, he's familiar with Urlacher's track record."I've watched the man play for a lot of years," Trestman said at his introductory press conference Thursday afternoon. "He exemplifies what being a Chicago Bear is all about, and we all know that. When I step out of this room we'll begin to study, and I'll talk to (general manager) Phil (Emery) about where personnel fits on this football team and how it works. I need to be educated on that and I can't wait to get started."When asked about his gut feeling, the cerebral Trestman again deferred comment."I have a feeling that this guy has been a great player for this team, and I recognize certainly what he's meant to this locker room and to the fanbase of the Chicago Bears," he said.Urlacher played the first 12 games in 2012, after missing most of training camp with a slow recovery to a knee injury suffered in the final game of the previous season. He injured his hamstring in the Bears' loss to Seattle and missed the final four games of the season.A lot could depend on the new defensive coordinator and the scheme he wants to run. Trestman wouldn't say whether defensive backs coach Jon Hoke is a candidate for the job. Given the team's makeup and recent string of success, it seems unlikely the Bears would radically change their defense to say, a 3-4 scheme. But changes could still be forthcoming."I'm open to whatever it takes to stop football teams, but I also know what this football team has done over a number of years," Trestman said. "They have excellent football players, and they've been well-coached. I don't know the personnel on this football team right now, so to ask me now is premature."The Bears were second in offensive points allowed in 2012, at 15.3 per game, fifth in yards per game at 315.6 yards, and first in takeaways with 44. For someone who has had numerous surgeries both during his NFL career and well into retirement, Kelly said that he has never experienced something more painful than having the left side of his jaw removed. But considering what the surgery meant for his long-term health, Kelly couldn't be more thankful. [url=][b]baby nfl jerseys[/b][/url] INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A Missouri court will appoint a lawyer to protect the interests of the 4-month-old daughter of the late Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher as her grandparents argue over custody.Belcher fatally shot the child's mother, Kasandra Perkins, on Dec. 1 in their Kansas City home, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and killed himself in front of coaches and the team's general manager. Belcher's mother, Cheryl Shepherd, had been living with the couple for about two weeks and was in the home when her son killed Perkins.Shepherd received temporary custody of Belcher's daughter, Zoey, soon after the shootings and filed a petition in mid-December asking to be appointed as Zoey's guardian and conservator of her estate, which could be worth millions of dollars.Shepherd, of West Babylon, N.Y., also filed a second petition seeking to be named administrator of her son's estateiday morning, she sat silently between her two attorneys in a Jackson County courtroom as probate commissioner Daniel Wheeler addressed the petitions.Wheeler changed the status of the custody petition to "contested" because Zoey's maternal grandparents and other family members in Texas have filed a petition in that state to be Zoey's legal guardians.He also ordered the appointment of a guardian ad litem -- an attorney who represents the interests of minor children -- and set a Dec. 25 hearing on Shepherd's petition to take over her son's estate.The Ford Worth Star-Telegram reported Friday that Zoey is staying with relatives in Austin, Texas.In addition to the well-being of the child, millions of dollars are at stake in the custody battle.Zoey's estate or guardian will receive more than $1 million under terms of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, including $108,000 annually over the next four years, $48,000 in the fifth year and $52,000 each year until she turns 18. She can keep receiving that amount until she is 23 if she attends college.A trust funded by the Hunt family, which owns the Chiefs, along with team coaches, players, employees and contributions from the public, will help care for the child. Also, Belcher's beneficiary will receive $600,000 in life insurance, plus $200,000 for each credited season -- Belcher was in his fourth season at the time of his death -- and $100,000 in a retirement account.Shepherd's attorney, Gretchen Gold, declined to answer questions after the hearing and said her client didn't have any comments, either.Zoey's maternal grandparents, Rebecca Anne Gonzalez and Darryl Perkins, and other Texas relatives have filed a lawsuit seeking temporary custody of the girl, that her residence be in Tarrant County, Texas, and that a guardian ad litem be appointed.A Fort Worth judge has scheduled a Jan. 22 hearing in that lawsuit. The judge will conduct a conference Jan. 17 with his Jackson County, Mo., counterpart and attorneys for Zoey's maternal and paternal grandparents to discuss whether Texas or Missouri has jurisdiction in the casepyright 2013 by The Associated PressRecommend0 We've noted that Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop hasn't been cleared to participate in organized team activities (OTAs) as he continues to recover from a torn hamstring muscle. Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette takes the issue one step further: Does Bishop have a realistic chance at regaining his starting job whenever he does return?The reality is the Packers have three veteran inside linebackers set to earn a starter's salary this season, two of whom had their contracts written after Bishop's injury. Brad Jones, re-signed in March, will make at least $4.2 million this season. A.J. Hawk agreed to a restructured contract that will pay him $3.6 million. Bishop, meanwhile, is set to earn $3.96 million. Together, the trio counts $12.164 million against the 2013 salary cap.Those cash and cap figures are pretty high for the inside linebacker position on this defense, one that is known for multiple formations that often include only one inside linebacker. Would it makes sense for the Packers to have a multi-million dollar backup at the position? The loser of the competition, at the very least, would seem in line for a pay cut. That isn't going to happen for Jones and Hawk, considering how recently their deals were signed. Which leaves Bishop and his nearly $4 million salary twisting in the wind.Inside linebackers coach Winston Moss provided a telling quote on the topic: "I think there s a mindset that when you get on that field, you ve got to stay on the field. Because if you come off that field, having a job waiting for you when you get back is not a sure thing. You better make well sure that you don t give somebody else an opportunity because everybody who's gotten that opportunity has been able to take advantage of it, and that s a credit to those guys."You could make an argument for retaining Bishop based purely on the run of injuries the Packers have had at the position in recent years. Ailments of Nick Barnett, D.J. Smith and Bishop have brought the Packers to where they are now. But in each instance, a young -- and lower-paid -- backup stepped up to fill the void. Perhaps this season's version of Bishop, Smith and Jones will be Terrell Manning, a fifth-round draft choice in 2012.A year ago at this time, Bishop was unquestionably the best inside linebacker on the Packers' roster. His absence was felt last season. And now, there might not be room for him on the 2013 team. Even for the NFL, that qualifies as a breathtaking development. [url=][b]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Aging takes its toll on your back, particularly the disks McKinley football optimistic thanks to summer success, despite tough districtJerit Roser, NOLAm | The Times-Picayune, June 21, 2013 4:53 p.m.View full sizeMcKinley PanthersThis summer's 7-on-7 action has given McKinley Coach Robert Signater reason to be optimistic.The Panthers finished in the top eight of a 32-team tournament in Madison, Miss., this past weekend and have high goals for a District 5-5A race this fall that includes 2012 playoff teams Catholic-Baton Rouge, Dutchtown and St. Amant."I'm hoping we can be right up there in the bunch playing for it all," Signater said. "I think we can be right in the thick of things."Four starters return on the offensive line, although the coach cautioned that those players are still young.Rising junior Travion Alexander has impressed Signater at quarterback, though, and should give the spread offense some options and big-play ability."He's getting better," Signater said. "He's a double threat. He can run and throw it. We've been working on his throwing more lately."Alexander split time in 2012 with Jarrad Hayes, who has transferred to Central for his senior year.The Panthers gain a transfer player with quarterback ability as well, as Marquise Kaigler moves from Istrouma, where he took snaps last season."He should be able to play," Signater said. "It's my understanding that his parents made a bona fide move."Kaigler would likely back up Alexander, while primarily playing wide receiver, Signater said.Tyrone Scott will shoulder the bulk of the load at running back after the departure of last year's senior starter Phil Randall, and Tyriq Heath will provide a change of pace as a "scatback."Signater expects "a nice balance" between the offense and defense despite some key losses in the secondary."The D-line should be good," he said, which is good news for a group trying to stop some of the state's top returning rushers such as Catholic's Derrius Guice, East Ascension's Sione Palelei and Dutchtown's Torrance Mosley."We've got to be able to stop the run," Signater said. "We've got to stop the run and score the ball with every chance we can get The attitude has been great. They've been working hard. We've just been trying to change the attitude and get them buying in, and they have been."*************Jerit Roser can be reached at Jroser@nolamor 504.826.3405.Follow @JeritRoserTweet to @JeritRoser [url=][b]cheap nfl jerseys wholesale[/b][/url] buy wholesale jerseys i buy cheap jerseys Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesA sack artist at Notre Dame, Justin Tuck watched as six DEs were taken ahead of him in the '05 draft.The wait was much longer than expected, and the feeling of disappointment still lingers with him today. Justin Tuck was projected to go by most in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft. However, the pass-rusher nicknamed "The Freak" by his Notre Dame teammates dropped to the third round and had to wait hours before the New York Giants finally called his name. "Disappointment," Tuck recalled. "I should've went first [round]. A little complication with my knee [and] everybody red-flagged [me]."Tuck suffered a knee injury at the end of his breakout 2003 season and saw his production dip from 13.5 sacks to six sacks in 2004 at Notre Dame. So even though he was one of the premier pass-rushers in the country, Tuck was the seventh defensive end chosen in the '05 draft. Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesDespite frustrating beginnings, Tuck eventually found himself on top of the football world -- twice.He was drafted after Erasmus James, Marcus Spears, Luis Castillo, Matt Roth, Dan Cody and Jonathan Babineaux all had their names called. James (18th overall), Spears (20th) and Castillo (28th) all went in the first round. "I got mad," Tuck remembered. "I got disappointed just seeing some of the names that got called before me. That kind of fueled me a little bit to work harder to make sure I did whatever it is going to take to make teams look back and say, 'Man, we probably shouldn't have made that pick.'"Anger turned to motivation. And motivation eventually helped lead Tuck into becoming a two-time champion who would get the best of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Even though Tuck didn't go in the first round, he landed in the perfect spot. But it might not have appeared that way at first since the Giants were already stacked at defensive end with Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora.But everything has worked out better than Tuck could have imagined when the Giants called before taking him with the 74th overall pick in the draft. "Relief," Tuck thought when the Giants called. "I obviously knew how great of a situation it would be to come to New York and play with the likes of Osi and Strahan. "I had some conversations with [then-Giants defensive line coach] Mike Waufle at the time," Tuck continued. "And I knew the reputation of Coach [Tom] Coughlin. And I respected that. I knew he was going to get the best out of me and I was excited about it."Eight years and two Super Bowl rings later, Tuck is entering the final year of his contract with the Giants, who might draft another pass-rusher in the upcoming draft. Fifty Greatest GiantsChoosing the 50 Greatest Giants was a big challenge. ESPNNewYorkm rose to the occasion. Top 50 Rank 'Em
  • 7/8/2013 - 4:04am

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    [url=][b]cheap nfl jerseys nike[/b][/url] HONOLULU The NFL is hoping to decide the fate of the Pro Bowl by the time it releases next season's schedule in April. And the fate of the league's all-star game will largely depend on how much effort this year's participants put into the game. NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson told reporters of the timing at a news conference Tuesday to kick off this year's Pro Bowl week in Honolulu. He said the league expects its players to play a game that fans will be proud of. "Our hope is that the players will give the same effort and energy that allowed them to become roster members of this Pro Bowl," Anderson said. Commissioner Roger Goodell nearly canceled the game after uninspiring play last year, but it will be held Sunday at Aloha Stadium after discussions between the league and the player's union. Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, a Pro Bowler for the second year in a row, says the message to players has been clear. He said players need to balance playing hard with avoiding injury, to give fans the game they deserve without hurting their teams going into next year. "We owe it to our fans, we owe it to our viewers, to give them a little more effort than we did last year," Tillman said. Anderson said the league has considered less intense substitutions for the game, including skills competitions, seven-on-seven scrimmages or other watered down events. But officials haven't found anything that lives up to the standards of what fans expect. Tillman said fans are used to touchdowns and interceptions. "That's what the fans want," Tillman said. Anderson and Tillman spoke as the league promoted a week full of events leading up to the Pro Bowl, including practices at Pearl Harbor and an exchange program with Japanese coaches. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell made a public plea to keep the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, saying perhaps the city and state don't express their appreciation often enough for the game being held on the islands. Anderson said the relationship between the league and Hawaii has grown strong over more than three decades. Tillman, who said he is staying with his family at the new Disney resort on the west side of Oahu, said the Pro Bowl is definitely a good incentive for players. "What's better than this? It's like negative-2 degrees in Chicago right now," Tillman said. "That's all the incentive I need." Boger has worked four divisional playoff games, including the San [url=][b]replica nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Honestly, this is like dealing with children. And the way that some of these players have acted this offseason, that comparison is an insult to children. When kids misbehave, you take away toys or you send them to their room or you cut off their allowance. The Lions cant take away toys (playing time). They cant send them to their room (the bench). And they cant take away allowance (salary). Its either illegal against the CBA or its unrealistic in the world of competitive sports. In an interview with FRONTLINE and ESPN, Maroon said that by focusing solely on the larger number, which referred to a relative decrease in risk, Riddell exaggerated any benefits. "There was very significant concern," Maroon said. "And our community relations public relations department notified Riddell that this data should not be use as a marketing ploy or marketing tactic from a scientific paper that was done not for those purposes." [url=][b]cheap packer jerseys[/b][/url] WOONSOCKET, R.I., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --MinuteClinic, the largest provider of walk-in medical clinics in the United States, is helping athletes across the country, including Pop Warner Little Scholars youth athletes, prepare for a safe season. Sports physicals for fall sports participation are required by July 31 for all Pop Warner programs. Round 2. They clinch briefly and Henderson lands a nice right hand. Machida connects with a stiff front kick and follows with a straight punch behind that. Henderson charges after Machida but can t land anything. Machida moves in with a couple straight punches but Henderson takes them and fires back with his big overhand right that just barely misses. As Henderson comes in, he eats a knee to the body from Machida. Machida lands a nice kick to the body. Henderson continues throwing leg kicks and mixes in a body kick. Henderson clinches again and lands a nice left hook. Henderson is having his best success when he clinches and uses the close range to get in shots before breaking. Henderson throws three straight power rights but none comes close to landing. 10-9 Machida. [url=][b]free nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesReleased by the Atlanta Falcons, former DE Legendary running back Walter Payton wrote: "The day my son inducted me into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, on July 31, 1993, in Canton, Ohio. It meant a great deal to have my son by my side and be part of a very special occasion. I felt emotions that no record or championship could ever bring." [url=][b]shop nfl jerseys[/b][/url] In the pass rush, Bowman is a crafty blitzer with the quickness and agility to avoid blockers in the pocket. He complements finesse rush moves with a power game that overwhelms blockers in the hole. As a result, Bowman is a valuable weapon as a pass rusher in the 49ers' dime package (four defensive linemen, one linebacker and six defensive backs). More newsReutersHernandez charged with murderPFT: Aaron Hernandez was charged with murdering Odin Lloyd and five gun counts. He was arrested early Wednesday, and he was released by the Patriots soon after. NBC SportsAnalysis: The case against Aaron HernandezPFT: Mike Florio gives his insight on the charges brought against Aaron Hernandez. He disagrees with Hernandez's attorney that this is not a strong case because it is founded on circumstantial evidence. HeadlinesLabelPFT: Hernandez to appeal bail ruling, per sourcePFT: Hernandez took 2009 photo holding gunReleasing Hernandez a big move for PatriotsPFT: Pats will go after Hernandez's bonusThe Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez comparisonPatriots had reason to release HernandezPFT: NFL issues statement on Hernandez arrestPFT: Hernandez's lawyer answers charges Slideshow2013 SNF ScheduleCheck out the 2013 Sunday Night Football schedule.NBCSportsmLatest from ProFootballTalkCivil lawsuit against Perrish Cox settledAppeal of decision to hold Hernandez without bail coming soonA wedding could shield Hernandezs fiance from testifyingSo where are the other two guys who were with Hernandez?Judge orders Aaron Hernandez to be held without bailAaron Hernandez charged with murderVideo: Football from NBC SportsGetty ImagesWho is Aaron Hernandez?ProFootballTalk: Pete Thamel if Sports Illustrated joins ProFootballTalk to give some perspective on Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder.Did Pats know of murder charges?Hernandez charged with first-degree murderDistrict Attorney gives statement on Hernandez caseHernandez charged with murderThe future of HernandezPatriots thought process in releasing HernandezNFL team pagesArizonaAtlantaBaltimoreBuffaloCarolinaChicagoCincinnatiClevelandDallasDenverDetroitGreen BayHoustonIndianapolisJacksonvilleKansas CityMiamiMinnesotaN.Y. GiantsN.Y. JetsNew EnglandNew OrleansOaklandPhiladelphiaPittsburghSt. LouisSan DiegoSan FranciscoSeattleTampa BayTennesseeWashingtonSlideshowNFL cheerleadersCheck out some of the NFL cheerleaders from across the league.more photos
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NBC SportsAnalysis: The case against Aaron HernandezPFT: Mike Florio gives his insight on the charges brought against Aaron Hernandez. He disagrees with Hernandez's attorney that this is not a strong case because it is founded on circumstantial evidence. HeadlinesLabelPFT: Hernandez to appeal bail ruling, per sourcePFT: Hernandez took 2009 photo holding gunReleasing Hernandez a big move for PatriotsPFT: Pats will go after Hernandez's bonusThe Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez comparisonPatriots had reason to release HernandezPFT: NFL issues statement on Hernandez arrestPFT: Hernandez's lawyer answers charges VideoSuper Bowl = Super comeback for New Orleans May 19: NFL owners voted Tuesday to award the 2013 Super Bowl to New Orleans for what will be that city's 10th time playing host, but its first since the Superdome was shredded during Katrina. NBC's Brian Williams reports. Slideshow2013 SNF ScheduleCheck out the 2013 Sunday Night Football schedule.NBCSportsmLatest from ProFootballTalkCivil lawsuit against Perrish Cox settledAppeal of decision to hold Hernandez without bail coming soonA wedding could shield Hernandezs fiance from testifyingSo where are the other two guys who were with Hernandez?Judge orders Aaron Hernandez to be held without bailAaron Hernandez charged with murderVideo: Football from NBC SportsGetty ImagesWho is Aaron Hernandez?ProFootballTalk: Pete Thamel if Sports Illustrated joins ProFootballTalk to give some perspective on Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder.Did Pats know of murder charges?Hernandez charged with first-degree murderDistrict Attorney gives statement on Hernandez caseHernandez charged with murderThe future of HernandezPatriots thought process in releasing HernandezNFL team pagesArizonaAtlantaBaltimoreBuffaloCarolinaChicagoCincinnatiClevelandDallasDenverDetroitGreen BayHoustonIndianapolisJacksonvilleKansas CityMiamiMinnesotaN.Y. GiantsN.Y. JetsNew EnglandNew OrleansOaklandPhiladelphiaPittsburghSt. LouisSan DiegoSan FranciscoSeattleTampa BayTennesseeWashingtonSlideshowNFL cheerleadersCheck out some of the NFL cheerleaders from across the league.more photos "So I just kept thinking: 'How am I going to compete for the starting job if every four days I've got to stop and have an ice bag on my knee while the guys are practicing?'"Garrard, 35, was signed in March to provide competition for Mark Sanchez. But Garrard hadn't played in a regular-season game in the NFL since 2010 because of injuries. After appearing to be the front-runner ahead of Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore, the former Jaguars star was cut by the Miami Dolphins last summer after he needed arthroscopic surgery on his knee.But, he was feeling healthy this offseason and passed his physical with the team. Garrard was expected to be in the mix to compete for the Jets' starting job along with Sanchez and second-round pick Geno Smith. New York also has Greg McElroy and Matt Simms on the roster."My knee just never really quite got back to, not to where it was before, but not even just well enough to, it was well enough to get out and run around and stuff, but it would still swell on me," Garrard said. "I thought, 'I look pretty good right now. Maybe if I get on with the team, the treatment that they have there, the round-the-clock treatments you pretty much get, that should probably help me out.' So that's how I was thinking." [url=][b]replica nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Game Recap: Manning broke his playoff drought with a wild-card win over Denver, scoring on the Colts' first seven possessions of the game Manning threw four touchdown passes and two incompletions in the first half for 327 yards and 31 points The Broncos' only touchdown came halfway through the fourth quarter, but it was too little, too late. Bart Hubbuch joined the Post in 2007 and covered [url=][b]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has never made it to the Super Bowl, but he is talking like he expects to get there."I think we feel like we are a great team and nobody can beat us," Flacco said as the Ravens head into Sunday's AFC Championship Game in New England. "I think when you play with that kind of confidence, it definitely gives you a leg up just in case the other team isn t necessarily playing with that. I don t want to say they are not; I am sure that most of the time they are. But if anything, it may give you a little bit of an advantage just because in order to be successful in this league and really in anything, you have to have that confidence. Right now, we are walking around with a little bit of that. Most Playoff Wins By Starting QB Without Super Bowl Appearance, Super Bowl Era Joe Flacco 7 Mark Brunell 5 Danny White 5 Mark Sanchez 4 Flacco is 0-2 in AFC championships, losing in 2008 and 2011. According to ESPN Stats Information, the only quarterbacks to lose their first three conference championship starts are Donovan McNabb (2001-03), Ken Stabler (1973-75), Bernie Kosar (1986-87, 1989) and Danny White (1980-82).Flacco's seven playoff wins are the most by a quarterback who has never made a Super Bowl appearance. It's also two more playoff victories than any other quarterback in the Super Bowl era to have never reached the Super Bowl.But Flacco is playing better now than he's ever had in any previous postseason. After throwing four touchdowns and seven interceptions in his first three postseasons, Flacco has nine touchdowns and one interception in the playoffs over the past two seasons.Asked if the game speeds up in the playoffs, Flacco said, "I think that d be a criticism to every NFL player out there. The fact that you re playing one way in the regular season and a completely different way in the playoffs, I think that s a bunch of crap. I think we go out there and lay it on the line every week, and like I said, I d be doing myself a disservice and everybody else in the league a disservice if I were to say I thought the playoffs were different. I really don t. There s obviously a little bit more on the line, because if you don t win, you go home. But you ve put yourself into that position and every one of those games was just as important as the others, so I don t really buy into that. We are excited to be partnering again with the CFL,
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    [url=][b]cheap nfl throwback jerseys[/b][/url] 11 a.m. Basketball: Georgetown at St. John's.Noon Basketball: Minnesota at Indiana.Noon Basketball: Duke at N.C. 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But linebacker NaVorro Bowman stuck a hand in to knock it away. [url=][b]wholesale nike jerseys[/b][/url] Blaylock may have the most interesting path to the Browns Goodson sat out the first week of OTA practices amid [url=][b]cheap nfl nike jerseys[/b][/url] "There's been this belief for years and years that certain differences between muscles were important" for injury risk, said Dr. John Zvijac, who led the study at the UHZ Sports Medicine Institute in Coral Gables, Florida. But the new findings, he said, suggest players and coaches shouldn't give too much weight to so-called Cybex data. "These numbers really aren't the dogma that we thought," Zvijac told Reuters Health. "The beliefs that we've had up until this study - many of them have changed because of the data we have come up with." Using trainers' records, Zvijac and his colleagues found 164 players who had a hamstring injury during their rookie NFL season and more than 1,100 uninjured players to serve as comparisons. As expected, injuries were more common for players in positions that required lots of running, including running backs, defensive backs and receivers. However, none of the data collected during the Combine, including the relative strength of players' quadriceps and hamstrings, predicted an injury in the following season, the researchers reported in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. The Combine is typically held in February, followed by the NFL Draft in April or May and the start of preseason training in July. Although the most hamstring injuries happened during the preseason, the researchers said it's possible that training or deconditioning after the Combine made the Cybex data collected there no longer relevant. The Combine strength testing is done using equipment made by CSMI Medical Solutions. The company was not able to provide a comment by press time. Zvijac said Cybex data are used by all sorts of athletes, including Australian football players and soccer players. But they don't seem to predict injury-related outcomes. There are probably many factors that do influence who suffers a hamstring injury, the researchers said, such as flexibility, fatigue and posture. Bing Yu, from the physical therapy division at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said over-stretching of the hamstring muscle is a direct cause of strains. "Increasing flexibility is one of the ways to prevent muscle strain injury such as hamstring injury," Yu, who wasn't involved in the new research, told Reuters Health in an email. "Also, using appropriate techniques and having appropriate movement patterns are also very important for preventing injury." SOURCE: American Journal of Sports Medicine, online May 28, 2013. [This refile corrects story posted Jun 6, 2013 to remove extra character from headline. Article text is unchanged.] DENVER No matter where his season or his career might end, Joe Flacco will always have The Fling.And Peyton Manning will always have to live with that throw he made, too.Flacco's desperation 70-yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones with 31 seconds left in regulation saved the game for Baltimore in regulation and Manning's throw across his body in overtime all but lost it for Denver.On a frostbitten day in the frozen tundra known as Denver, the Ravens got a 47-yard field goal from Justin Tucker 1:42 into the second overtime Saturday to pull off a 38-35 upset over Manning and the Broncos, extending linebacker Ray Lewis' career by at least one game.Lewis, who led the Ravens with 17 tackles over this nearly 77-minute game, kneeled down to the ground and put his helmet on the rock-solid turf when it was over.After he thaws out, the Ravens (12-6), 9 -point underdogs for this one, will get ready for a game at either New England or Houston, who meet Sunday for the other spot in the AFC title game. Our team is so confident and everything went against us, Lewis said, but we found a way to come here together and we're leaving together. It's just awesome. This game, the longest since the Browns beat Cleveland 23-20 in 1987, was an all-timer up there with San Diego's 41-38 double-overtime victory over Miami for drama. But Flacco's throw might best be bookended next to one made by Roger Staubuch, who famously coined the term Hail Mary after his game-winning toss to Drew Pearson beat Minnesota in the 1975 playoffs.How else to describe the Flacco throw?On third-and-3 from his 30 with 41 seconds and no timeouts left, Flacco bought time in the pocket and saw Jones sprinting down the right sideline into double coverage. Defensive back Tony Carter slowed up and let Jones streak by him. Instead of staying step for step with Jones, safety Rahim Moore tried to leap and knock down the ball. Flacco, who throws the high, deep ball as well as anyone, got it over Moore's head and into Jones' hands.Jones caught it and pranced into the end zone, blowing kisses to the crowd.The Broncos chose to kneel on the ball to end regulation.The teams punted three times to start overtime, setting up Denver on its 7-yard line. Manning was moving the Broncos along slowly and steadily. But on second-and-6 from the 38, he rolled to his right, stopped and threw across the field to Brandon Stokley. Graham stepped in front of the receiver for the interception, bookending the pick he made in the first quarter, which he returned 39 yards for a touchdown and a 14-7 lead.The temperature at kickoff was 13 degrees, and Manning fell to 0-4 lifetime when the temperature is 40 or less. He finished 28 for 43 for 290 yards and accounted for all three Denver turnovers the two picks and a lost fumble that set up the touchdown that tied the game at 28 late in the third quarter.Those mistakes nullified a record-setting day for returner Trindon Holliday, who returned a punt 90 yards for a touchdown and a kickoff 104 yards for another score. Both were playoff records for longest returns, as was the 248 total return yards he had.All for naught.This was, more or less, the unthinkable for the Broncos, who came in on an 11-game winning streak and the odds-on favorite, at 3-1, to win the Super Bowl, in Manning's hometown of New Orleans, no less.Instead, this loss goes down with the most devastating in Denver history. Right there with the 30-27 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Jan. 4, 1997 another year when Denver looked like Super Bowl material.But it's Baltimore and Lewis who are in the AFC title game for the second straight year.
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    [url=][b]pink nfl jerseys[/b][/url] About Tim: Tim Turrell is a third generation descendant from a horse racing family. He started his career as a clocker/handicapper before transitioning to a successful career in television. Tim was nominated for an Emmy in 2009 as lead producer of the Breeders' Cup. He currently serves as a producer at TVG. Southern California DE Nick Perry (Detroit King), Round 1, Pick [url=][b]cheap steelers jerseys[/b][/url] Tahir Whitehead is a prime example of why its tough to discern anything from OTAs.Last spring, in the weeks after the Lions traded up to take him in the fifth round of the NFL draft, Whitehead looked like a star. His speed and power stood out even on a field with some of the worlds best athletes.And then when the pads came on in July, Whitehead, by his own admission, struggled.That was my downfall, Whitehead said Saturday at the Nate Burleson-Stephen Tulloch charity softball game. In OTAs, I was pretty good and then, when we put the pads on in training camp, that was my drop-off.It was just playing out of position. Playing from a nine technique (in college and) then playing off the ball (in the NFL) and being able to see different things, I just didnt feel comfortable.Whitehead, 23, is back looking good this spring, but you wont hear the second-year linebacker signing his own praise yet.I wont be able to really tell anything until we put the pads back on, he said.Whitehead is in a three-way battle for the starting left outside linebacker job, which wont be decided until training camp.Travis Lewis has taken first-team reps during OTAs open to the media the last three weeks, and Ashlee Palmer and Whitehead also have worked with the No. 1 defense.Palmer, 27, is the veteran of the group, a standout special-teams player who has his most realistic chance at a starting job. Lewis, 25, is quick and smart, a four-year starter at Oklahoma who, like Whitehead, saw limited action as a rookie.Whitehead said he was thinking too much last year and that game has slowed down for him, but he said theres no handicapping the race yet because were all in the same boat.This year, Im a lot more comfortable, so just got to go out there and do what I know how to do, he said. Thats pretty much the goal, to be able to play defense being as though I didnt get a chance last year. I dont really want to limit myself this year. I want to be able to play as much as I can. He's a giant -- 6-foot-3 frac58;, 312 pounds -- and known as a physical presence in the run game. Run blocking might be a higher priority for the Cowboys in their ongoing hunt for line help than pass protection is, since left tackle is the one spot at which they're set and Tony Romo is pretty good at protecting himself and making plays on the run. [url=][b]cheap packer jerseys[/b][/url] While we're pondering theoretical changes for the Browns, the Jaguars have unveiled a real change to their primary logo. You can read more about that here.Paul Lukas would love to see a physical prototype of Vincent Garibaldi's design, just for kicks. If you liked this column, you'll probably like his daily Uni Watch web site, plus you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Want to learn about his Uni Watch Membership Program, be added to his mailing list so you'll always know when a new column has been posted, or just ask him a question? Contact him here. Superstar Status: From Bald Bull and Glass Joe to Soda Popinski and the King Hippo to the baddest man on the planet, Mike Tyson, "Punch Out" is famous for its legendary characters and the user's ability to learn their tendencies as well as its incredibly fast-paced, frenetic game play. Punch King Hippo in the face, and then when he covers up, blast him in the belly. Jab Bald Bull in the stomach during his Bull charge. Skip straight to Mike Tyson by entering the code: 007-373-5963. If you grew up addicted to this NES classic, these were all things you had memorized, and if you ever did beat Mike Tyson, it was something you seriously ran around the block screaming out to all of your friends. [url=][b]wholesale nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Jones smashed every significant passing record during his four years at Oklahoma, throwing for 16,646 yards and 123 touchdowns while starting 50 of 52 games.Pittsburgh sent a third-round pick in the 2014 draft to Miami for the Dolphins' fourth-round pick and the chance to grab the 24-year-old Jones. Earlier in the fourth round the Steelers picked Syracuse safety Shamarko Thomas to provide some needed depth behind entrenched starters Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark.The addition of both Jones and Thomas continued a practical approach to the draft by the Steelers, who addressed their most immediate needs in the first three rounds, taking linebacker Jarvis Jones in the first, running back Le'Veon Bell in the second and wide receiver Markus Wheaton in the third.All three are expected to get a chance to play in 2013. The same can't be said for Jones, though Pittsburgh's aggressive move to land one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NCAA history will certainly raise eyebrows.The Steelers have relied heavily on longtime backups Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch when Roethlisberger has been out of the lineup. Both are now unlikely to return after Pittsburgh signed Bruce Gradkowski to serve as Roethlisberger's top sub and drafted Jones with an eye toward the future.Pittsburgh quarterback coach Randy Fichtner said it was time for Roethlisberger, a two-time Super Bowl winner, to become a mentor. Jones admitted he was a little surprised when his phone rang it was the Steelers calling. Though he believes he can start in the NFL one day, he knows he will be given time to learn the game with Roethlisberger atop the depth chart indefinitely."It's a great organization with a lot of history," Jones said.While Jones will wait his turn, the Steelers are optimistic Thomas can make his way onto the field this fall.The 5-foot-9 Thomas gives Pittsburgh some depth in the defensive backfield after the Steelers lost reserve safeties Ryan Mundy and Will Allen to free agency and have aging stars in Polamalu and Clark."I'm not worried about his size at all," secondary coach Carnell Lake said. "The kid has a 40-inch vertical and that kind of explosiveness gives him great range when it comes to making plays."Lake added if Thomas was two inches taller he would have gone in the first round. Thomas was a first-team All-Big East selection after his senior season at Syracuse, when he led the Orange with 88 tackles.Though Thomas played primarily at safety he filled in occasionally at nickelback and corner and that versatility could be an asset in a remodeled secondary."I will play anywhere they want me," Thomas said. "I just want to be on the field. I want to help out the Steelers." The Washington Redskins released cornerback DeAngelo Hall on Monday, a move that saved them $8 million in salary-cap space and will require them to find a new starting cornerback.HallHall was one of the Redskins' most polarizing players, his deficiencies and antics often upstaging his talent on the field. And he certainly wasn't worth an $8 million salary in 2013. But to hallelujah over this move is to ignore the role Hall played in the Redskins' 2012 second-half surge and division title. The job he did on wide receiver Dez Bryant in the division-clinching victory over Dallas in Week 17 will remain one of the key stories of that game.And I think that's important to remember here, as we assess this move in the larger context. The salary-cap penalties the league levied against the Redskins last year are having a definite effect. Mike Shanahan said in a Monday news conference that he figures it has cost them a chance to sign six to eight players over the past two seasons. GM Bruce Allen called the penalties "a travesty of fairness," and if you read this blog regularly you know that I agree. But they are a significant reality of the Redskins' life right now, and the Hall news reflects that.The Redskins didn't want to cut Hall. For all of his faults and foibles, they liked him and appreciated his value to their coverage schemes. The fact that they didn't work to convince him to take a pay cut, as he'd said he would, indicates that this was a move they had to make. After signing four of their own restricted free agents as well as unrestricted free agent Kory Lichtensteiger to long-term deals to keep their 2013 cap numbers low, they still had to cut Hall and restructure the contract of defensive end Adam Carriker in order to get under the cap by Tuesday's 4 pm ET deadline. Shanahan said at the news conference that the Redskins are now about $1 million under, and if my experience with coaches and executives has taught me anything, he's estimating high.Even if he's not, this is where the Redskins stand as free agency starts. They need a cornerback to replace Hall. They need a starting safety. They need a right tackle. (Tony Pashos, whose signing was also announced Monday, is likely a backup at this point.) They do not have a first-round draft pick. When and if they get close on a deal with a free agent they like, they're going to have to get further under the cap in order to sign him. That means the moves aren't done. Wide receiver Santana Moss remains a candidate for a pay cut or to be released. They could still end up having to restructure other contracts and shift salary-cap money into future years, a practice of which the Shanahan/Allen administration have worked hard to steer clear. They may not be able to re-sign valuable linebacker and special-teamer Lorenzo Alexander.The decisions the Redskins don't want to make have begun, and they may have to continue. Such is the effect of the cap penalties on the reigning NFC East champions. They've done well to retain as much of the core of their 10-6 team as they have, but this isn't going to be a very fun offseason for the Redskins or their fans. [url=][b]personalized nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Bill Waugh / APTennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was on the cover of the 2007 edition of theMadden NFL Football video game.updated 1:01 p.m. ET Aug. 17, 2008NEW YORK - The opposition was throwing the ball all over the place when Marshall Faulk watched his sons football game last year.Afterward, the 12-year-old lamented that his team didnt use the cover-2 defense.Faulk, the 2000 NFL MVP, considers such moments the greatest influence of the Madden NFL Football video game, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. He overhears his son and his friends casually tossing around such football terminology as cover-2 or 4-3 defense, concepts they learned from maneuvering virtual players.I know I didnt teach it to them, Faulk said, because they havent asked me.To the guys for whom those terms are part of their jobs, Madden, whose 2009 edition was released Tuesday, is an institution. Younger NFL stars like 25-year-old Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young have been playing the game practically since they were old enough to hold a controller.Last year, Young was on the cover. Its a distinction todays players regard with great pride.Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, a two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, called his turn on the cover one of the greatest honors I think Ive ever had.Granted, Lewis declaration came during a celebration of the anniversary in June that included fellow former cover stars Faulk, Young, Daunte Culpepper and Shaun Alexander.But theres no doubt how seriously NFL players take the game.Even if youre not on the cover, you look at your rankings and stats and always question them, Faulk said of the ratings for various abilities players are given in each years edition. You want to make sure you show em.Lewis will check the ratings and think: Huh? This guy is faster than me? I aint never lost to this guy.What do they rate me off of? he huffed. My career? Last year?Culpepper noticed he was treated differently around the league after his cover appearance.Everywhere I went, people wanted to challenge me, he said.Alexanders 13-year-old cousin didnt acknowledge that the Seahawks running back, the 2005 NFL MVP, was pretty good until he graced the front of Madden.Said Young, When I was overseas in March, people noticed me just because of the Madden cover.Faulk has run into hard-core gamers who tell you what new little trick, nuances, what attributes you had, the way they used you.Then again, many of his fellow pro football players could share the same tidbits. Culpepper estimated that many in the NFL play the game three to four hours a day during the offseason. Once the season starts, the volume decreases to about three to four times a week.NFL players with their blazing competitive streaks find the rivalries of the game irresistible.That means lots of trash-talking and the kinds of bets only millionaires can make.Young conceded that he has lost a lot of money, broke a lot of controllers, probably broke a PlayStation 2.Culpepper has won some mortgage payments, lost some mortgage payments.Faulk once agreed to a wager with a lower-paid teammate. If Faulk won, the teammate had to wash his Bentley for a month. If the teammate won, he got to drive Faulks Bentley for a week.Faulk lost.Claudio Villa / Getty ImagesThe Week in Sports PicturesSometimes the bets dont involve money or fancy cars. Alexander wagered with his teenage brother-in-law over the right to make the other drop and do 10 push-ups or sit-ups at any time.My little brother to this day owes me 2,500 push-ups, Lewis said.Madden is so pervasive that it has its own curse. Players who appear on the cover always seem to get injured afterward or so the myth goes.The five former cover stars scoffed at the curse talk. Any injuries reflect the physical nature of the sport, they insisted nothing more, nothing less.Alexander summed it up: You run into knuckleheads like Ray here. ' 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Discuss Story On NewsvineEmailInstant MessagePrintadvertisementTweet The other team having a truly great offseason is Philadelphia, and it continued to add buy-low candidates to its roster by focusing on players who had recent success before struggling in 2012. That led the Eagles to injury-prone Giants safety Kenny Phillips, who took a one-year deal to try to prove himself before re-hitting the market. Phillips, when healthy, is the best safety the Eagles have had since Brian Dawkins. Philly also made a move for former Texans outside linebacker Connor Barwin, signing a player who had 11.5 sacks in 2011 to a six-year, $36 million deal that guarantees him only $8 million. Remember: Paul Kruger just finished a great stretch (12 sacks in 12 games, including the playoffs) as a 3-4 pass rusher, and because his run of sacks coincided with the end of the 2012 season and his arrival onto the free-agent market, he got $41 million with $20 million guaranteed over five years. Barwin might very well be the better player of the two. Barwin and Phillips are both 26, so if they succeed, the Eagles will have two building blocks for the future right as they hit their prime. They also added 28-year-old cornerback Cary Williams on a three-year, $17 million deal that's a step below the $8 million to $10 million range Williams reportedly sought as he hit the market. Williams is a competent starting cornerback; if the Eagles can come away from the draft with Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner, Williams would make an excellent no. 2 starter.
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